FarmOS Logs through Voice Bots

Hello All,

I am Amol Patil, founder of Extend Future. We build AI driven experience and help companies to make data-driven decision.

Recently through @gbathree, @mstenta, I got to know about GOAT, OpenTeam and FarmOS. Great to see fantastic collaboration, R&D in Agritech.

Understanding real need for capturing daily farmer’s routine through a simplest interface, we have created a small demo - FarmOS Bot based on FarmOS fields where one can answer a series of questions with voice (or even from option selection) on Google assistant to quickly record routine of a day. Experience can be easily replicated on FB messenger or even Alexa. Answers will be integrated with your FarmOS instance.

We would like to get your feedback on this experience, would it be useful for community?

We are also brainstorming voice notes, where voice log records will be analyzed by AI using NLP and FarmOS logs will be generated.

Thank you!