Feedback on conference

Feedback for next convening
Things to replicate:
“North Star” framing
Direct note taking and documentation into forums
time for connections and reflection
duration was about right

Things to consider
*expected outcomes and if there are emergent outcomes, articulate the process
*as much lead time as possible that includes the following:

  • Who should show up from each team
  • what is the targeted activity
  • Who’s confirmed
    *Current work (links to work related to focus areas)
  • Tracking accomplishments


  • 5-15m short versions of videos, with executive summaries in addition to longer form in-depth series
  • future web page with executive summaries to help with preparation
    -Storytelling of our technical and community process to engage our wider community
    Expanded community preparation
  • Expanded use of videoconferencing wider community throughout the process including multiple video channels for breakout groups
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