Front-end Developer position available!

JS Data Manipulation + Visualization in Agriculture and Science

We are seeking…

A JS developer to work on front-end development and scripting to support partner data collection and display. Excited about supporting collaborative communities of practices and open source science. In a perfect world it would be a person with some experience / skill in Wordpress and a good sense of design.

Lots of the following fits you…

  • Experience in JS, including data manipulation and some display
  • Fluent in english, and happy to work directly with partners and customers.
  • Interested in open source, agriculture, community science, democratization of science and wanting to build a career with those as a focus.
  • Experience with front-end JS development.
  • Know the 80/20 rule!

In a perfect world you would also…

  • Have basic design skills and have built websites before, ideally in Wordpress.
  • Experience in data visualization using D3 or related libraries
  • Experience in statistics and/or statistical analysis

But most importantly, you can…

  • Quickly and efficiently communicate throughout the development process with the team and the partners to get the job done on time and on spec!


We are seeking someone to support front-end development for and to work with community partners (, the, and others) to develop scripts for their data collection and visualization needs.

We support the development of research capacity in communities through software, hardware, and training. Using, our communities can flexibly collect, share, and visualize data in a way not possible through other services. SurveyStack allows users to code directly in JS within their surveys to create visualizations and manipulate data to provide real-time feedback to support their research goals.

The person who fills this position will be directly supporting those partners who do not have the coding experience but have complex data collection needs. You would be writing scripts to manipulate and display data, taking specifications from the customer or colleagues. In addition, you’ll support ongoing development of the SurveyStack platform.

While this is a junior position, we are looking for someone who is passionate about what we’re passionate about and is looking for a long-term position with us.

Why we are different

Our Sci is a a small startup passionate about supporting community-driven science and we are building a fully open source future to provide that support. We also think that only through radical collaboration can we achieve our goals, that’s why we are active in the GOSH and GOAT and OpenTEAM communities. If you feel programming is a means to an end in shifting the world towards transparency and ‘free as in freedom’ thinking, we may be a good fit!

Pay and Location

Starting at ½ to ¾ time initially, ideally becoming full time within 3 - 6 months. Rate commensurate with experience and background.

We are located in Ann Arbor MI, but applicants can work remotely with occasional visits (once per year). US and International applicants all welcome!


Send resumes to Please:

  • Include a cover letter describing why this position is a great fit for you.
  • Reference (with links) examples of your work
  • Link any gitlab / github or other active profiles of you that are relevant

Once we have selected applicants, we may do some additional paired programming sessions or more in-depth interviews as next steps.