Front-end focused full stack dev job opening @ Our Sci

Hi all - we’re hiring! Full post below, or original posting at Esp. @kanedan29 @ircwaves @jgaehring know anybody who may be a fit?

We are seeking

A front-end focused full stack developer to extend SurveyStack and other open source software developed by Our Sci. SurveyStack is a progressive web app using Vue / Node / Express / Mongo that supports community-driven research, and integrates with other open source projects like FarmOS. This person will work in a small team of experienced developers and community partners to continue to improve the software experience with a special focus on UI and front end development. Specific knowledge of the stack is less important than the quality of your code, the cultural fit into our team and project, and your capacity to learn.

Why work with us?

Interesting projects: We are working with on-the-ground communities and open source software on real projects that impact the world. We work on farm data sovereignty, regenerative agriculture, distributed small-scale manufacturing, open hardware, nutrient density, and soil quality… and the list is always growing!

Flexible hours: We have a fully distributed team - we care about getting things done, not when you sit in a chair. As long as you can make time to meet with colleagues and understand the work well, you can set your own hours and time off.

Engaging community: We’re active in amazing global communities like OpenTEAM, GOSH, GOAT, Bionutrient Food Association, Regen Network, FarmOS, and Mozilla. We support our team’s ability to build relationships through conferences, events, hackathons, etc.

Small, diverse team: No layers of bureaucracy. We value transparency, have a good code of conduct, and work to maintain a supportive culture.

Opportunity to grow and learn: We do a lot of different things even though we’re small. With a team of 20 we develop software, hardware, analyze data, manage a soil and food testing lab, and manage actual on-the-ground projects across several sectors. There are a lot of opportunities to learn.


The following must fit you…

  • Experience with one or more frontend javascript frameworks (React, Vue, Angular, etc.)
  • Experience with CSS and Semantic HTML
  • Experience building and/or maintaining APIs
  • Experience with automated testing
  • Experience with version control, ideally git
  • 3-5+ years of experience working in web development

In a perfect world you would also have…

  • Experience working with Mongo, Express, Node and common Javascript libraries
  • Experience with Linux
  • Experience with Postgres, or other relational database
  • Experience with CI/CD
  • Strong written and spoken English skills
  • Communication skills, ability to work with a partner or in a team a must.
  • Analytical skills, you can spend the right amount of time on the right things (80/20 rule)
  • Experience in design (inkscape, miro especially) and UI/UX prototyping (storybook especially) a big plus.

But most importantly, you can…

  • Quickly and efficiently communicate throughout the development process with the team and the partners to get the job done on time and on spec!

Why we are different

We are a small startup passionate about supporting community-driven science and we are building a fully open source future to provide that support. We also think that only through radical collaboration can we achieve our goals, that’s why we are active in the GOSH and GOAT and OpenTEAM communities. If you feel programming is a means to an end in shifting the world towards transparency and ‘free as in freedom’ thinking, we may be a good fit!

As a supporter of communities, we also recognize the importance diversity plays in understanding and reflecting the needs of those we serve. We also all personally enjoy working with colleagues who have wide ranging life experiences and appreciate the opportunity that affords all of us to learn and grow. As such, we are committed to prioritizing diversity within our organization.

Pay and Location

Full time. Hourly rate commensurate with experience and location.

We are located in Ann Arbor MI, but applicants work fully remotely. US and International applicants all welcome!


Send resumes to Please:

  • Include a cover letter describing why this position is a great fit for you.
  • Reference (with links) examples of your work
  • Link any gitlab / github or other active profiles of you that are relevant

If you have additional questions before applying, you can also email your questions directly.

Once we have selected applicants, we will have:

  1. Follow on interviews with the developers and team
  2. Applicants do paired programming sessions
  3. Applicants do time-limited home work for review.
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