Future of GOAT Working group

I spoke with Micheal O’Rourke from MSU yesterday on possibly working with his group on developing a shared set of standards around interoperability or possibly open source tech in general. His group usually works with scientists doing collaborative, interdisciplinary, or trans-disciplinary work (working closely with stakeholders) on finding what that group’s shared goals and practice should be. Here is a link to the documents he sent me to give more information on what they do https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Kjq3VbnsIiSPWC6eaauNnBQVdD-mC8TE :
(1) Their fee schedule
(2) A one-page description of them
(3) An older paper that goes into some detail about what they do — this was written for an audience of scientists
(4) A couple of Toolbox instruments to give you a sense of the kind of things groups talk about

They run it with an initial dialog session with 12-15 people then do a larger virtual workshop with the whole group (3 hours). The fee is kind of steep, Michael seemed kind of open to haggling but we would have to see about that. It seems like a good opportunity to work out some of the larger cultural and ethical issues open source struggles with but it is really up to you all. Let me know what you all think.