General Questions about GOAT 2018


Is there some kind of tentative schedule posted for GOAT?

There is mention of a Setting the Tone session, a Design Methods workshop, etc., but it is not clear how all of this comes together. Are there multiple tracks/ things going on at once? For example, if I want to participate in the Design Methods for Sustainable Agriculture workshop, does that mean I won’t be able to participate in something that is happening at the same time?



Hi @julietnpn! We had an organizers meeting yesterday and this came up, so expect to see the schedule posted soon! I believe @gbathree will be posting it (if he hasn’t already?)

I think there will be some decision making about which discussions to attend, in general, but there should also be plenty of time to talk with folks during other times if you find things are conflicting. I think we’ll be setting some of the schedule together too, so you can help craft that.

Yep - it’s on this thread (schedule may be a keyword I should have used :slight_smile:

Good morning, its a pity I won’t be able to attend the GOAT 2018 Conference due to the fact that in was denied visa by the US embassy, but I wish you guys successful conference.