Get invovled in the Farm Internet of Things (FIoT) working group!

What we are doing…

  1. Identifying common use cases for collecting data on farms and supporting farm operations with IoT solutions.
  2. Developing hardware/software kits using open source technology to meet these needs.
  3. Sharing our work openly.

How we are working and how to get involved…

  • This forum is our primary gathering area for sharing ideas, asking for feedback, providing progress updates, etc.
  • We plan to use Github for a code repo and project management/issue tracking tool
  • We also keep in touch in real time in the FIoT Riot room.
  • And we meet weekly on Mondays @ 1pm Eastern Time. Join the call in our Riot room!

Hi, I’m new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself. I posted on another thread, but thought this is probably a better place.

I’m a freelance software/hardware developer in Potchefstroom, South Africa. I’ve been tinkering with some farm IoT ideas for a while and looking for like minded individuals. Happy to have found this forum!

Projects I have put together are a Raspberry Pi IoT gateway running Node-Red to connect with (potentially) various sensors on low cost hardware via MQTT on a WiFi network. So far I have used the ESP8266 running A very cool open source embedded OS.

I would like to contribute code/ideas etc and get involved in the FIoT working group!