GOAT 2019: Call for Organizers!

Good Goat! It’s been a while!

After a quick breath, we’re beginning to thinking about GOAT 2019.

If you’re excited about becoming an organizer, please post here or contact the organizing committee* within the next 2 weeks and we’ll make sure you get the scheduling email to figure out next steps. There will be varying levels of involvement, so feel free to let us know what kind of commitment (time-wise, types of work etc.) you’re interested in.

In case you already forgot us, the GOAT 2018 committee was: @sudokita @chrowe @david.n.forster @donblair @dornawcox @gbathree @mstenta


I’m in. I can commit to a couple of hours a week. The only thing I’ll opt out of at this point is overseeing someone else’s work.

BTW @sudokita, it looks like part of your message got clipped.

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My bad, thanks Matt. Updated now :slight_smile:

I’m interested in joining the organizing team. :grinning:
I’m generally available for all things between now and GOAT 2019 but may have a short period right before my defense in the winter that I’ll be less available.

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I’m interested! I will need to be a bit cautious as to how much time I can commit, but hope I can be helpful with organizational tasks. I am more interested / have more skills to offer for organizing around specific conference happenings (helping with conference structure, facilitating participation) rather than event logistics (e.g. conference venue, food, travel, budget) – but would be happy to be included generally and figure out how to be most helpful.

PS organizers did a great job last year!! 10/10 GOAT 2018 committee ^^

Hi everyone. Just checking in to see what people are thinking for next year’s conference: location, date, size…are these questions firming up, or is everything still to be decided?

Something we need to discuss. There have been at least one (I wouldn’t say offer yet) but expressed interest from @mike to do it down at Noble in Oklahoma (correct me if I’m way off here). First step is to make sure we know the organizing team, make sure we’re on the same page in terms of our values, and then get a list of locations and evaluate the cost/benefit.

I’ll follow up with folks and see who can be the main wrangler, and then we can get started!

Wrangling time! I’ll be sending out a scheduling thing for GOAT 2019. Two questions:

  1. On my list so far is: @mstenta @gbathree @chrowe @donblair @dornawcox @david.n.forster
    @burton @barbieri @julietnpn Let me know if you want in/out or if I’ve missed anyone.

  2. Please select your preferred weeks for a meeting time:

  • Oct 29 - Nov 2
  • Nov 5 - Nov 9
  • Nov 12 - Nov 16

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Count me in. Best week for me would be Nov 5-9, but 12-16 also works.

I would add Dan Kittredge (who still to this day fails to have a valid GOAT login sheesh) since he was key in getting the location we had before, and possibly @mike if he’s interested (I’m guessing that’s Noble Mike but not positive :slight_smile: and just put it out to any GOATees to voice their interest on this thread, and show up to the call once the time is posted.

looking forward to it!

Great! Based on this I’ll send out an email so that we can include Dan on an email to pick a time between Nov 12-16. Thanks all!