GOAT 2020 @ Omega again? Updates + CALL FOR ORGANIZERS!


Hi all, @sudokita and I have been poking to prepare for GOAT 2020. Based on previous discussions w/ last years organizing team, feedback, and the successful start of OpenTEAM, we see something like a low cost event with 75 - 100 people feels right. We feel that focusing on community building, engaging new communities, and building personal relationships (+ having fun!) as a key element for what we’d like to build.

We contacted Omega Institute, a beautiful location near a major city (NYC) for easy travel, and our 2018 GOAT location, and got some numbers for a conference there:

  • 3 day conference
  • June 7 (arrive that night), 8 - 10 (conference), 11 - 12 (post event hacking optional)
  • 100ish people + optional family members for those want to make it a workcation!
  • $75/day, all inclusive (3 meals/day, room, access to conference space, etc.) - this is a crazy good deal
  • Option to bring family members for the week ($25/day for kids, free for under 3!) - make it easier for week-long hack sessions after the conference without messing up family schedules

To ballpark the cost, it’s 3 x 100 x 75 = $22,500… Omega makes it easy because food, lodging, and conference center is all included. In our recent GOSH event, we had 3 levels (an academic / company level, a normal person level, and a need some help level). That covered most of our cost, and added funds to support travel to ensure we’re getting a diverse pool of participants.

Further ballparking (this needs to be spreadsheeted but here it is for now):
Donations (companies, non-profits, etc.): $8,000
Full cost applicant (assume 40%): $350/person (350 x 40 = $14,000
Reduced cost applicant (assume 20%): $225/person (225 x 20) = $4,500
No cost applicant (assume 40%): free

Total = 8000 + 14000 + 4500 = $26,500

That gives us $4,000 left over to support travel for those who need it, which isn’t bad!

just to make sure everyone sees this, @mstenta @barbieri @dornawcox … others (feel free to at mention below)


Nice work @gbathree & @sudokita!

Count me in.


I’m not sure how much time I can dedicate, but I’d like to help organize too!

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Cool, let’s get started then @jgaehring @mstenta maybe @barbieri @dornawcox . @sudokita is away visiting family, but will be back in January.

Rather than a Doodle, I’m going to throw out some weekly times and make this post editable. Add your name next to each time. If that’ confusing, just reply here directly and note what works.

All times in EST.
Tuesdays 10 - 11 (before openteam weekly meeting)
Tuesdays 12 - 1 (after openteam weekly meeting), Mike :white_check_mark:, Greg :white_check_mark:, Kita :white_check_mark:
Thursdays 11:30
Thursdays 1:30


My preference would be Tuesdays 12-1 (after OpenTEAM weekly meeting). Jamie and I have a standing meeting Tuesdays from 10-11, so might as well make Tuesdays the day for meetings. :slight_smile:



Is there any way to disable the 20 char post limit?


done :slight_smile:

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Back online and totally down! OP updated since I too can do Tuesdays 12-1. So excited to get this party back on track!

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Ok, unless Tuesday at 12pm EST really doens’t work for other folks (speak now or forever hold your peas), I’m going to set it on the shared goat calendar, and invite folks here.

Let’s start this week if that works for all (tomorrow!) - talk then!


Oh shoot… this week is the big meeting in Minneapolis… let’s start next week.