GOAT 2020 Save the Date (June 7-10)


We’ve love for you to save the date for GOAT 2020 from June 7-10. Here are some details:

We’ll be at the beautiful Omega Institute once again. It’s hour and a half train ride north of New York City. Arrive via NYC airports and take the train or rent a car, or it is within driving distance of most of North East.

We’ve had some early discussions about trying to be a self-sustaining community. To that end, we’re proposing the following:

Full cost-applicant (e.g., folks with funding from industry, gov, academia): 350$
Reduced cost-applicant (e.g., folks with limited funding): $225
Need-based no-cost applicant: $0

Registration includes accomodation and food for the duration of the conference!

Participation @GOAT2020 will once again be application based, and we’ll aim to provide guidance on each of these three categories in the application form. You can expect more detail in approx. 2 weeks

You have the option to bring family members for the week ($75/day for adults, $25/day for kids, free for under 3!). We hope this makes it easier for everyone to participate in hack sessions after the conference without messing up family schedules. :goat: :slight_smile:

We will be soliciting application-based donations from community partners to help offset the travel costs of our no-cost and potentially for reduced-cost applicants. This will depend on what we get. If you already know that your organization/you are interested in contributing to the GOAT 2020 fund, please let us know on this form or on this thread and we’ll keep you posted.

Organizing Committee
We’re still in early stages of organizing (though quickly ramping up). If you or someone you know would like to learn more about joining the organizing committee, reach out to any of us!

We’re super jazzed to get GOAT 2020 going, broaden our community, and have a great time hacking, thinking, and eating together. Post or email if you have any questions, comments, or things you think we should keep in mind as we plan :slight_smile:

Good goat, great goat! :goat:

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Yay GOAT! What’s the date we should be saving?

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Oh man! In my enthusiasm for all the other info, I forgot to insert the dates: June 7-10 (with potential add-on activities till the 13th). Updated the original post as well :slight_smile:

Hi - my name is Theresa Schumilas. I am the lead person deploying the Open Food Network platform in Canada (see openfoodnetwork.org). I’d love to come to GOAT. Open Food Network Canada has research funding right now to look at disruptive digital technologies in Ontario’s small farm sector and I’d love to network and share. Question - does the registration fee include accommodations? Or are accommodations at OMEGA booked separately?

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Great to hear from you @tschumilas Sounds like you’re doing some super interesting work with the Open Food Network.

The registration fee includes accommodations and meals for the duration of the conference! We coordinate room assignments once the application process is complete and folks have accepted invitation letters. PS. Applications are open, and more info is available in this thread: GOAT 2020 Applications are Open!

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You guys are doing a good job, I will like to job d committee in the area of Moderator.