GOAT 22: get ready! It's real!

Hey friends, guess what’s happening October 2-7 at the beautiful Omega Institute in Rheinbeck, NY? Yep, the first in-person gathering since…the first in-person gathering in 2018! So, like it’s the second in-person GOAT gathering. Yay! Sure, you might have seen this way back in April, but did you know, your little GOAT-elf team has been meeting every week, planning and dreaming, and we’re thinking it’s going to be pretty cool. You should come, and put these six (just six!) things near the top of your list of things to do:

  1. Keep an eye out for Nano-GOATs this summer - short, amazing talks with folks whose lives are impacted by what we do
  2. Volunteer to join the organizing herd. Maybe you’ll get a free tshirt, but definitely you’ll get to hang out with some incredible people. Reply to this post or ping @laurieWayne
  3. Clear those days on your calendar, obvs: Oct 2-7 mkay?
  4. If you work somewhere that has money for funding a trip to the conference or even co-sponsoring it, start buttering them up
  5. Keep watching this space or set up your notifications or join the mailing list by filling out the little box at the bottom of the first page of goatech.org – do something proactive to keep it on your radar and watch for applications for this year’s expanded conference
  6. OMG you totally have something in mind for the gathering, don’t you!?!? A talk or interpretive dance or something else? Post it here so it’s more likely to happen because we want it to happen!