GOAT Notes, 2020 Organizing (wiki editable)

Jan 14th 2020

Present: @sudokita @dornawcox @gbathree @mstenta @jgaehring

GOAT Goals review!

  1. Coordinate existing development
  2. Invite new development
  3. Aligning technology and actual users
  4. Creating a GOAT Roadmap


  1. Review location, budget, timing
  • Omega in June sounds good - roll with it!
  1. Goals for this year
  • Inviting new community members
    • Stronger, better goals for diversity, more intention in specific communities.
    • Put LOTS of effort into finding diverse applicants (maybe shift7)
    • Providing a space for conversation, collaboration, and bringing together work + life
    • Inviting remote participants (and thinking about it beforehand) - participate together
  1. Rethink program around above goals… focus on accessibility + new communities / participants
  2. Get some new folks on organizing committee - 2 weeks
  • What’s the goal? Underrepresented communities
  • Represent a voice or set of voices that none of us do
  1. Get people assigned to tasks (on the ground coordinator, outreach/marketing, program, financial, etc.)

  2. Announcing dates + taking applications

  3. get website updated

  4. get announcement letter

  5. who’s on social media (?)

GOAT 2020 milestones

Dates: June 7 to 13 available, conference is June 7 (evening arrival) - 10th
Location: Omega Institute… copy paste from previous…

  • June 7 - 10th - GOAT event @ Omega!
  • May 1 - Finalize program, last month of work
  • April 1 - Send accepted applications emails. (gives people 2 months to buy tickets)
  • [Side note: March 16-19, OpenTEAM Paicines Ranch]
  • March 7 - Close applications, Start evaluations. (gives people 1 month to evaluate applications)
  • Jan 21 (or 28th if needed) - Open applications!

To do’s for next time

  • (Kita) update the application from (draft to work on for next week)
  • (Greg) Review feedback from last time
  • (Mike) Post on discourse options…
  • (Mike) Make list for 2018 organizations who attended: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ttUpF5lV_pnQ1GEujx4biB4r239RHP_x831SKqIbaP4/edit#
  • (Jamie) Draft + share rough program
  • (all review) Potential Attendees List [people to email]
  • (Greg) Follow up to confirm Omega one more time
  • History

I did a quick pass at a list of the groups that attended GOAT 2018: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ttUpF5lV_pnQ1GEujx4biB4r239RHP_x831SKqIbaP4/edit#

I based this off of our application doc, so hopefully that included everyone. If anyone is missing let me know!

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Hi Grey, how are you and your kids.
Happy new year.
I just saw your post about GOAT 2020, an will love to participate and if possible will love to be part o the organising committee.
I will also like to do a short presentation during the in conference session.
I will be waiting for a response from you.

DAIRO Opeyemi Oluseyi
Lagos State University
Lagos, Nigeria