GODAN grant could be a fit?

Are there participants in the real food campaign in the global south? Measuring nutrient density of crops in subsistence farming context might fit the grant criteria.


GODAN Action Training Mini-Grants

We invite dynamic trainers with demonstrable experience, who would like to collaborate with the GODAN (Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition) Action project to build the capacity and diversity of open data users and intermediaries, leading to increased understanding and the more effective use of open data in tackling key agriculture and nutrition challenges. The grants will be provided to fund up to eight (8) winning training workshop proposals of GBP2,000. Workshops to be conducted within three months from contract date.

Theme 2 - Nutrition Data
The Global Nutrition Report (GNR) acts as an intermediary, providing data on malnutrition to multiple stakeholders from international agencies to governments and civil society. The release of data on efforts to tackle malnutrition as open data by intermediaries is intended to guide action, build accountability and support advocacy for increased commitment towards reducing malnutrition by governments.

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Good idea Patrick!

@dornawcox would know… what do you think, is it a good fit?