Great Lakes GOSH 2019 Applications Extended

Hi GOATs @sudokita @julietnpn @dornawcox @mawada @dbuckmas (I could go on but that’s a start) and FARMHACKers (@RaggedStaff @sam_uk) and Regen folks (@aaronc) and everybody else, your brother from another mother (or sister from another mister) GOSH is putting on a local event in Toronto… and it’s kind of right up your alley.

It’s about open science, but I’m pretty sure we do science in ag so let’s apply!!!. And there’s going to be some really neat folks there, like Scibots which makes an open source microfluidics platform which I’d love to use for low cost, consistent soil and water quality testing (and I bet some of you would too).

I’m also pretty sure Shannon Hicks is coming from Stroud with the Mayfly ( that seems pretty cool as well.

And guess what? The focus is on creating active new collaborations and interoperability (sound familiar?) - so expect to find things to do, things to connect to, and things that will make your work and your things better/faster/stronger.

And we’ve got 40 super awesome applicants you’ve never heard of but you definitely would like to, but I’d like to get it up to 80 - 100, so pass this along!

Take off your org hat and put on your change-the-f’ing-world hat in Toronto.


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#GOSH2019 Make all science open science… in Canada! 2 more weeks to apply for Great Lakes GOSH at The Brickworks in Toronto Canada