Hack in the Birkshires - getting the ball rolling

Hey @aaronc @Gregory @wgardiner @mdc

This is to get you all talking about plans for Will to come visit. So we’ve already got an epic with the details of the collaboration we layed out in the original FFAR proposal, which (I would say) is still pretty spot on :slight_smile:

I’ll get it started by asking some questions / statements:

Our Sci modifies data almost exclusively through user-defined scripts, and data is submitted to our DB in a single form (as a ‘survey’). Will and I discussed two options for signing…

  1. as a library in JS that we can put in scripts to say ‘hey, go send the blockchain a note that we just modified this data’… or…
  2. we have a system-wide standard so that if a user is ‘logged in’ to Regen (or the blockchain? I get lost here but anywho)… then whenever they push data back to our server, it’s automatically signed (ie message sent to blockchain saying ‘hey we just sent this here’).
  3. there are questions as to how we ‘log in’ to the blockchain, and if we can use a single sign on or oauth (that @mstenta is working on) to have a common login across the services…

Anyway, clearly I’m out of my element but let’s start nailing this down on the forum so you all can have a productive hack session!

Here are a few questions Greg and I chatted about:

  • What are the requirements for each team for signing surveys?
  • How can we authenticate with Regen’s identity?
  • What functionality should a library expose once we’re authenticated? Just signing, or is there more?
  • Where will we push the signed data? Do we just append it to the existing survey as an additional field or does it get added to the Regen ledger?

We have a Gitlab epic for the project here: https://gitlab.com/groups/our-sci/-/epics/29