Help me finish a mobile app (task/record keeping for organic farmers)

Hi! I am a farmer, building a mobile app for my community. Seeking some programming/UX help. Currently have a MVP. I am sharing with farmers at conferences (winter 2024) and hoping to get in the hands of farmers for the 2024 season.

So far I have bootstrapped the project. Open to $/for time, shared ownership, nudging the concept to an open source model.

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This sounds super interesting! Can I ask what the app is written in and how far along it is?
It would be super interesting to know some of the more gritty details :slight_smile:

Hi! I am working with a team of developers in India. I hired the crew via UpWorks (having no coding background and needing to boot strap). We have been in development for about 8 months. If you will allow it, I will use an extended metaphor to describe where the App development is today.

I hoped to build a speciality “bike” for farmers. Not reinvent the wheel or depart from major standards or parts, just customized bike to fit the organic farmer. The team has built something that looks like a bike, but the “pedals” are in the wrong place and the seat is missing. It sort of looks like a “bike” but doesn’t fully function. Not being a bike mechanic I am unsure if this is a quick fix or a big deal. Step one is to have someone else “bike mechanic” review it. Discuss the gaps and help me determine what are reasonable next steps.

In technical terms - the developers currently host and hold everything. It is my understanding that the Frontend is done in IDE-Xcode, Swift, React Native and the Backend • MEAN - MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS Or LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP

Ah ok, I see your position, whats the purpose of the app?

It sounds like you’ve got alot of progress made :slight_smile: