Help us find a logo: rural coffee shop signs

We are designing the Farmer Coffee Shop logo, and it should mimic the look of an ‘typical’ coffee shop sign in a rural area where farmers would be. Here was the first pass logo by Pablo:


People like it… but it has been commented (rightly so I think) that this in fact looks like a CITY coffee shop sign, not a country coffee shop sign…

I can’t find country coffee shop signs on the internet…

So the challenge is: can you guys find / take pictures of some country coffee shop signs (the actual sign itself) or other related signage (perhaps neon signs) which you feel represent areas where farmers congregate to drink coffee? What do you think a typical or representative sign is?

All ideas welcome! some folks who may have opinions – @victoriacox @DanT @aultac


Here’s the one from my little hometown, which was a classic vinyl-checkered-tablecloth breakfast place. Everywhere I’ve worked in North Carolina, the place farmers congregate for their morning coffee is…almost exclusively Bojangles :grimacing:

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Rural coffee shop seems like a broke coffee shop :). Most of my experience says that rural restaurants often make their own signs to save money, so logos tend to be minimalist and easily cut out of a 1/4-inch piece of plywood on a scroll saw. For some reason I’m picturing serif fonts…

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haha, totally… here’s some I got (via email from @lizj_BFA) -->

My take is (1) and (2) below are too 50’s ish IMO… but 3 (heavy evie’s diner) is (to you’re point @aultac) is what I mostly see… usually it’s a gas station and the coffee portion is like an add-on). What do you think?

hahaah! Yes, it’s funny because in Central NY around our farm it’s basically at McDonalds and FASTLANE gas station and in the Mass / RI area it’s DUNKIN DONUTS… in fact, most of the interaction isn’t in the diner - it’s people drinking coffee while sitting in their ford f150’s with their windows rolled down.

So the concept of a locally owned coffee shop itself may be dated :slight_smile: