Hotspots needed for GOAT 2022


We’ve heard from many of you the need or desire to include remote folks in the team or co-working sessions on Thursday and Friday. To make sure including remote folks goes smoothly, and to avoid purchasing technology that will only be used for a few days, we need 3 volunteers to bring hot spots with high bandwidth plans. You can submit an expense reimbursement via Open Collective (the platform you used to purchase your ticket) for one month’s cost that includes the 5 conference days. If you are interested in volunteering, please let us know by responding to this topic!

Juliet :goat:

Coverage Report
Verizon: 4G LTE
T-Mobile: 5G Extended Range

I have a hotspot I could bring along! I recently downgraded but bet I could switch back to an unlimited plan for this upcoming month.

Thank you @courtney.king. Submit your receipt for reimbursed expenses on open collective, the same place you registered. On this page you will see a button under the banner that says “Submit Expense”.


I may be able to bring a hotspot from my work. Unfortunately I can’t change plans since it’s not my personal device but I think that we have an unlimited plan on it already. The provider it’s Verizon. I’ll check with my coworkers in case that anyone else needs it and confirm asap.


Thank you @Laura, let us know if that works out!

Hi Juliet,

I wanted to let you know that I won’t be bringing the hotspot. Unfortunately I forgot to bring it with me on Friday from work and I was going to get it today but I need special access for the weekends, which I don’t have, and there is no security person to open the gate for me until 3PM, so that won’t work with my train departure time unfortunately. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience and I hope this doesn’t affect your plans.

Hey @julietnpn! I had submitted my expense before GOAT, but would like to take that back and not receive any reimbursement. I didn’t think it ended up being used apart from an hour or two, and believe I can drop back down to the level of coverage I had previously and not be charged anything extra.

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