Hyperspectral imaging

A few notes, comments, and links pulled from a discussion Jill, Jussi, and I are having

ttp://www.mit.jyu.fi/scoma/ spec3d/

They took not the Rikola cam but a norwegian technic, but it turned not as good and it seems like they might turn back to finnish tech again. With hyberspectral sencing tech they have been able to finally do some real progress to connect spectrometry and some defiencies & leaf deceaces. So it is likely that one can spot some of these fenomen from the above and even at early stage.
http://senop.fi/en/optronics- hyperspectral
My point is - if we could spot some of these “Soils- plant”-interactions also from the hyberspectral range (very narrow cut in spesific nanometer wavelenghts), this could be a good add on to your Tracer etc technic?