I wrote a blog about GOAT 2022!

Hi all!

I want to express gratitude to the team of volunteers that put GOAT 2022 together. I appreciate your hard work and am eager for future collaborations.

I’m also very grateful to have connected with fellow GOATs. You’re all doing great work, and I’m inspired by what you do!

I recently published a blog post, “My experience at GOAT: a call for more open-source collaboration” that talks about the event, my experience, and encourages readers to join the conversation about open-source tech in ag.
Feel free to check it out and share!




Thanks for writing and sharing this Hope!

You do a nice job of introducing the reader to what open source is, why it matters, and how its part of a larger ecosystem. I share your appreciation of how our GOAT hosts created a generative space for us to get out of our comfort zones. I hope we can continue to build on the energy and creativity from that gathering, perhaps moving all of our comfort zones a little closer to each other, and to “where the magic happens”.

It was great meeting you and so many others at Omega, and I hope you were able to do some of that exploring you talked about afterwards :smile: