Introducing Asset Link (pre-alpha mobile app module for farmOS)

Hi, I’ve been a lurker here for a while, but I wanted to share something I’ve been working on to see if folks here have interest/feedback (or even want to contribute).

Asset Link (a farmOS contrib module) is a powerful mobile app (PWA) for farmOS which aims to connect users with their farmOS data via a simple, offline-capable interface.

Asset Link is still pre-alpha so not suitable for production use yet, but I would welcome tech-savvy folks to test it out on their local systems or sandbox farmOS instances and let me know if you find it (exciting|useful|buggy|etc) :grin:

Project: GitHub - symbioquine/farmOS_asset_link: Contrib module for farmOS 2.x that supercharges links to your farmOS assets with an extensible hybrid PWA experience
Drupal Module Project page: farmOS_asset_link |
Issue queue: Issues · symbioquine/farmOS_asset_link · GitHub
Dev Log (farmOS) forum thread: ▣🔗 Asset Link dev log - Development - farmOS