IoT for Smallholder Ag: Report and webinar (December 4, 10-11am EST, 10:30-11:30pm IST)

Dear GOAT community,

Anish, Dorn, Jenn and I have done some background research on IoT for smallholder ag, including some tech background and covering some interesting implementation examples in India and Kenya. You can check out our report here:

We’re also hosting a webinar on December 4 (tomorrow for many of us) to summarize our work and have a discussion about IoT in smallholder ag. We hope you can join, and you can find a link to do that here:

In any case, our team hopes to get more involved in GOAT as we’re able. We are excited to continue working on sensing in various types of small farms.

Thanks and happy holidays
D-Lab Ag IoT team

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Hi D-Lab, you may be interested in what we’re working on at Grownetics we’re getting our platform on a raspberry pi and will be live streaming the process. We hang out in our open ag zulip chat here everyone is welcome to join.

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