Jan 7 follow-up: soil sampling methods

Hello all,

Starting a topic here to follow up on discussions re: soil sampling methods and that we had at the 1/7 meeting. Let’s use this space to share resources, thoughts, etc. For now, I’m just initiating the topic but will share more and prompt individuals as it makes sense. As a starting point, check out this Google Doc of resources and papers that Dr. Skye Wills put together after our call re: soil sample selection - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1w6kXhQioPNYh5FtO61WrLZpGLetS3kDAd4IIC0VBZ-M/edit?pli=1.

Other key considerations others want to put in here? @gbathree, @plawrence, @DanT, was there a similar thread elsewhere on GOAT Forums that we can pull in here?


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Thanks for getting this re-started @kanedan29 and thanks for sharing Skye’s resources! I added my paper to the end of the doc for an historical overview of spatial soil sampling - it also references a lot of papers, some of which may be useful for this group.

I’m putting together some other ideas/resources that I’d like to share here in the next week or so… stay tuned!

These are great resources - thanks all. I know we tentatively aligned on 0-15cm as an initial sampling depth because of alignment with NRCS among other factors. One thing to note for those of us working with Dagan on DNDC modeling is that their initialization depth is 0-10cm. So they will need a 0-10cm estimate of SOC to provide a baseline for their models. Since we are using them, I am leaning toward 0-10cm, 10-30cm, 30-50cm now for my sampling coming up this spring. Maybe some of the OpenTEAM work could be in calibrating/validating a different initialization depth if the group thinks it’s necessary.

Hi all. Thanks for getting this thread started–we had a great Soil Health Partnership discussion at our all-team meeting immediately following the January meeting where we were hitting on some of these points, and I am looking forward to perusing the list of resources that Skye put together as well since we need to make a determination for sample point selection on our non-strip-trials here very soon.