Job opening at Our Sci!

Hey all - we’re hiring! In our ideal world, we get someone who’s more like a partner and less like an employee and gets open science and open ag and all that jazz… We’d really love someone from the ag tech or open science community. We’re also flexible - we have some hiring needs, but if you think you or someone else is a great fit but you’re not sure, please ask. Also - please re-post.

About us

Mission: We support the development of research capacity in communities through software, hardware, and training. Read this for more about our take on the world.

In two years we’ve grown to serve 3 communities with unique hardware for measuring soil carbon, tree health, and food quality. Those communities have used our web-based software platform to submit 17k+ surveys, analyzing results and sharing their results.

During the past year we worked with the Bionutrient Food Association to establish the Real Food Campaign Lab to survey the quality of soil and food samples throughout North America and to make a large, public, high quality and well referenced dataset. During the first year almost 800 samples were submitted and analyzed from around the country

We are looking for someone who can help us manufacture handheld devices for agricultural and scientific applications during the winter months and process samples for the Real Food Campaign as they are received during the summer months.

About the work

As a small company, we’re looking for someone self-directed and willing to do what needs to be done as our work shifts throughout the season.

The baseline requirements for manufacturing are:

  • keep the manufacturing process moving by assembling, calibrating, fixing, and shipping devices.
  • strong attention to detail, ability to balance speed and consistency
  • soldering, basic electronics knowledge a plus.

The ideal candidate would also:

  • create and update our standard operating procedures
  • improve our existing device designs based on user feedback and experience.
  • contribute to designs or identify opportunities for new products (like the soil respiration sensor or a android-connected soil penetrometer).
  • 3D design, 3D printing experience, manufacturing/assembly experience, basic electronics, Arduino and/or C++, unafraid to learn whatever needs to get learned, and a eye towards efficiency.

The baseline requirements for in the laboratory are:

  • Experience in lab work, either in other labs or in current or past schooling.
  • Able to balance multiple tasks.
  • Careful but fast

Timing and Pay

The position is for a minimum of 6 months with the opportunity to extend and starts immediately. Pay is commensurate with experience and ranges from 15 $/hr for the basic skill set to 22.50 $/hr for those with more advanced skills and experiences.

Email with your resume. In the email, tell us why Our Sci and this position is a great fit for you!

Hi grey, thanks for the information, I will private chat you. Thanks.