Job opportunity: Seeking Front-end Data Vis for Ag and Science

We are seeking

An expert in frontend-based data visualization (CSS, JS, HTML). to support farmers, project managers, and communities using open source software in the ag and science sectors.

Lots of the following fits you…

  • Have expertise in javascript for working with data + displaying it in a wide variety of ways.
  • Lots of experience making functional, beautiful visualizations, both to show complex data (data dashboards) to users who need it, but also to show pretty visualizations for public consumption.
  • Experience and knowledge of a wide range of JS-based visualization libraries, including D3 and
  • Know the 80/20 rule!

In a perfect world you would also…

  • Be familiar with statistics and statistical methods to generate ‘visualizable’ data from raw data.
  • Know R and RStudio, especially RStudio server deployments, to support alternatives to JS when needed.
  • Have direct experience in agriculture and/or science, and understand the user stories and applications you’ll be working with.
  • Be passionate about open source in software, science and agriculture!

But most importantly, you can…

  • Quickly and efficiently communicate throughout the development process with the team and the partners to get the job done on time and on spec!


We are seeking someone to support visualization needs from the Real Food Campaign RFC ( and from OpenTEAM (, and from a wider range of partners in the long-term.

The goal of the RFC is to make information about nutrient density in our food more transparent. As such we run a large, national survey of food and soil quality. The data from this survey is delivered back to our Community Partners, Grower Partners, individual farmers, and RFC members. It also needs to be used in final reports and visualized at a high level for the general public. RFC data includes lab results from samples (antioxidants, minerals, soil tests, etc.), farm practice data (till/no till, planting dates, etc.), and sample information (store, brand, organic/conventional, etc.), as well as information pulled from APIs like soil GIS layers and weather.

OpenTEAM ( is a multi-stakeholder collaboration among farms, ag tech developers, universities, and non-profits to build a fully open source toolchain in ag. We participate by providing software to quickly and flexibly collect and visualize data for OpenTEAM partners. Generally, our software is used to collect data on large research projects, and so we have needs for project management dashboards, sample tracking dashboards, public visualizations for final results, and more.

Finally, as we bring on additional partners, we need to simplify and improve our existing visualizations to lower the cost of providing visualization options for new projects. This requires building effective libraries to standardize and simplify visualizations as needed.

Why we are different

We are a small startup passionate about supporting community-driven science and we are building a fully open source future to provide that support. We also think that only through radical collaboration can we achieve our goals, that’s why we are active in the GOSH and GOAT and OpenTEAM communities. If you feel programming is a means to an end in shifting the world towards transparency and ‘free as in freedom’ thinking, we may be a good fit!

Pay and Location

Half-time position for 1 year, $40k - $55k per year based on proven experience and fit. Additional funding to full time may be possible depending on demand.

We are located in Ann Arbor MI, but applicants can work remotely with occasional visits (once per quarter). US and International applicants all welcome!


Send resumes to Please:

  • Include a cover letter describing why this position is a great fit for you.
  • Reference (with links) examples of your work
  • Link any gitlab / github or other active profiles you that are relevant

Once we have selected applicants, we may do some additional paired programming sessions or more in-depth interviews as next steps.


Not quite the right time for me to go after this role but hoping I can provide some support to OpenTEAM along these lines.

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