LandPKS Integrations & Potentials

(Dumping some notes here from a conversation about potential integrations with LandPKS)


Main Questions
What do we want to pull from LandPKS?
What do we want to push to LandPKS?


  • API will require a key in near future (Oct)
  • Authenticated by Gmail
  • Auth required to push, and to pull everything that’s marked private
  • Expecting to split maintenance projects into an NGO
  • We can send polygons to LPKS and get data back for it; data in that polygon would not include predictions
  • give a lat/lon and API can spit out a weighted array
  • switching to GeoJSON soon
  • moving the ranking process to the local phone


  • does it make sense to set up a server for hosting the layers?

QC could pull…

  • soil id with position
  • topography (el slope*
  • plant cover*
  • digital soil map data**

/* = top and plant cover come from satellite rasters (easy to process)
/** =digital soil map data comes on the ground survey work (hard to process)

Could LandPKS provide Quick Carbon a processing service for digital soil map data?