Leeds Farm Hack March 2020 co-ordination

Starting up this space to plan a farm hack in Leeds.

Date: 6-8th March
Location: Meanwood Valley Urban Farm, Sugar Well Rd, Leeds LS7 2QG
Main contact person: Luke Justice - Veg@mvuf.org.uk

Hey it is great to see that people are excited to be part of a farm Hack in Leeds.

I have made a GOATech topic which could be the communication forum from now on so people can opt into receiving updates?

I plowed ahead and made/drafted a flyer and facebook event to keep the momentum up and enable early publicity. I can add others as co-hosts and make changes before we print any: https://www.facebook.com/events/1418356031658624/

(you may notice it is very un-original having copied it all from Themes Valley publicity). I update it soon with some of the confirmed workshops and projects as well as proper travel info etc…

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Leeds Farm Hack coordination meeting

You don’t need to create an account to join a zoom meeting but you do need to download it either on a computer or smartphone before trying to open the meeting link. I hope that’s ok. It also only gives 40min of free meeting so I have scheduled 2 meetings. (Copy the link below into your web browser after downloading the program and it should ask to open the the programme or paste the link into the zoom program direct)

For the first 40 min here is a link to the zoom meeting

For the 2nd 40 min Here is a link for the zoom meeting 2

Costings calc of Weekend

LWA are hosting the event
Tickets available soon I hope!


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We are live!





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Activities update

Proposed skill share / workshops

  • Edge tool sharpening and maintenance. Leeds Coppice Workers

  • Making Ash handles for tools. Leeds Coppice Workers

  • Grafting fruit trees. Ben Lawson Mean Wood Valley Urban Farm

  • Scything grass and honing/peening blades. Luke Justice (MVUF)

  • Building and running a Biochar stove for a market garden and household. Ed Revil

  • Why and how to start using Open Source computing – Robin Lovelace

  • Designing an agrarian commune – Cath Muller

  • Architecture for a regenerative land and life – Ed Revil

  • Long wheelbase bike trailers – Demo

  • Starting a micro dairy- Josh from North Aston Dairy will share how they make a viable business with 18 cows employing 2.5 full time staff.

  • Screen Printing – We will be screen printing t-shirts with the farm hack logo, make your own!

  • Sheath making using tractor inner tubes – Joy Justice

  • Hay Box / wonder bags – Andy Goldring and Joy Justice

Proposed live design projects

  • Flame weeder (continued from previous farm hack)

  • Seedbed Roller – Bike wheel version of Jony’s Selected Seeds roller.

  • Solar Kiln for drying fire wood.

  • Passive pump from stream up to pond (Ram pump or similar).

  • Super insulating a produce display fridge to cut energy use by 50%.

  • Leek dibbler – Make your own dibbler that can space 3 lines of leeks and punch the holes like a broad fork.

Additional workshops/demos
Soil blocks for seedling propagation - Have a go wit Ladbroke Soil Blockers and learn from our experiments with different mixes.

Compost Tumbler - Have a go with a DIY large volume compost sieve - a rotating mesh drum on frame above wheelbarrow.

Additional live build projects
quick hoop pipe bending - Bend old poly tunnel frame into a double bed mini hoop for floating row covers. Want to make your own to take away? Get in touch to order some metal pipes to turn into hoops.