Lets talk about Hylo

Hi – I was wondering if we could organize a group of people who are using Hylo to discuss what they like and where they see room for improvement. At the GOAT conference, I met several people who are using Hylo as their communication platform, and it seemed everyone had a few issues with it but wanted to keep using it. Would folks be up for talking about their Hylo experience and expectations? I don’t know if any Hylo developers are on this forum, but if they are, it would be nice to have them involved.

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Hello again Ned!

As you know I’m one of those hylo using GOAT folk, and would be happy to discuss it with others. I know @sezuco from OpenTEAM has also been using it and may want to join in. @tibetsprague and @TomWatson are two hylo developers who are also here.

I’d be even more interested in such a conversation if it was framed a bit more broadly from the start, perhaps from an ecosystem perspective, like the hylo folks have been promoting (visualized below) and which I mentioned in my GOAT 22 lightning pitch.

Starting from there may prove to be much more useful in the long run, looking explicitly at things like complementarity and interoperability as a value in themselves, and not expecting one tool or platform to do everything.

For example, I’m quite keen on integrating some form of open source learning management system (LMS) into this ecosystem, and would welcome any interest and engagement around that. And my social.coop peeps like @laurieWayne and @jgaehring might be interested in exploring ways we can integrate the social stack we’re developing there (documented in part on Loomio) with regenerative agrifood systems tools here…

I plan on writing an article length reflection on GOAT 2022 and some of this soon, and will share that (or a link to it) here :slight_smile:


Thanks for starting this conversation Ned! We the hylo team would love to have this conversation with you all. We can schedule a call with you and invite whomever wants to come from the broader community too.


Hi Ned,

Yes, I’ve been trying to hang out with the GOAT crew since before I started working with the Hylo mob. Pandemic has got in the way of that!

We are certainly keen to hear how folks are using Hylo, and what directions we collectively want to take it in.

Hylo being connected to a wider network of technologies/platforms/tools in a wider ecosystem is a mirror for how we want groups to be connected and networked across the Hylo platform. While each entity has a bunch of specific needs, interests and focuses, we want to keep pushing to find overlaps and ways to integrate and connect between our different entities.

Take this discourse for example, or any of the slacks/discords etc that exist out in the world. They tend to silo both the information and the communities within them. We want to have a space where the communication and work that happens on those sorts of tools can happen co-located with other communities/groups, and more readily shared across those group boundaries. Each of those tools, however, is more polished and has deeper functionality at the moment. They are backed by hundreds of staff and millions and millions of (typically VC funding). I wouldn’t mind having more staff for Hylo but I am very leery of VC funding, and the malign values/interests that it tends to bring into the picture.

Each of the partners that we bring on to work with us on Hylo is making a bet: that a system free of those uber-capitalistic funding values is better positioned to become a true public utility that works for all of us, instead of the ad/growth/data-mining dumpster fires that we see all around us.

We are making big strides on improving the web app and the mobile apps! And, we have more work ahead of us for app performance, stability and removing tech-debt.

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Thanks for the feedback. Framing more broadly makes sense to me. I have the sense our ideals are aligned, but we need more cohesion to realize the potential of what is being built. I’m not sure of the best way forward but do want to help. Any ideas on how best to get a decent crowd on a call?

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It would probably be interesting and useful for some to at least schedule at least an informal chat between the hylo and GOAT folk in the near term.

One longer term possibility I’m sketching out is a collaborative “Feeding Our Future learning journey” exploring how we can more consciously and cooperatively evolve our food systems by better linking and leveraging social and digital technologies (like Prosocial and hylo, respectively). I’d love to get GOAT folks involved in that, especially those with an interest in developing curriculum and pedagogy around this theme. Perhaps @sudokita and/or some of her students might be interested, or maybe @gbathree and Our Sci…?

Possibly toward these ends, Prosocial World is hosting Clare Politano and @tibetsprague on Dec. 9th as part of our Friday Cafe series. And Prosocial World will be presenting at the OpenTEAM In-Depth Learning Series on Dec. 1st.

Regardless of how we do it, lets find ways to cross-pollinate, network, and co-evolve!

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Yes, let’s talk about Hylo! This is an important conversation and it’s not just about Hylo, it’s about the emerging ecosystem we’re all creating together. I would love to gather with @nedhorning @JeffPiestrak and others to co-envision the technology stack for our work. Let’s find a time! Ned & Jeff, want to look at my calendly and suggest a few times that work for you, then I’ll create the event and we can invite others?

And yes, we can definitely cover specific feedback and ideas for Hylo. Hylo is a community-created project, designed by and for the regenerative movement. The core team works exclusively through partnership with humans doing the good work. So by all means, step into shaping this public good alongside us :slight_smile:


Thanks, Clare - How would Wednesday, 30 November, at 12:30 pm EST work for folks?

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Thanks so much for joining us here at the GOAT forum Clare, and for your open invitation to co-envision and co-create! That openness is a major reason I’ve been sticking with hylo despite some of its work-in-progress rough edges.

I think now is a perfect time for GOAT folk to engage in this kind of conversation with the Terran Collective, building on the energy and momentum generated at the recent GOAT gathering at Omega. How can we translate some of that and the aspirations captured in the various session notes into action, including the GOAT Manifesto working group?

How can hylo help us get to where we want to go, and who we want to be?

Should we consider something like the Collabathon done with OpenTEAM and Regen Network, building on and off that?

Should we develop a “Community Profile” like CSCCE developed for GOSH, but for GOAT, to help us understand how hylo might fit within the larger ecosystem we hope to evolve? [I’ve been working with/learning from CSCCE and can help with that]

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That works for me :slight_smile:

Hey peeps,

For the GOATers here, I just put out another part of my little series on bioregionalism. The first one is here:

And the part just published is about the challenge space of ‘mapping bioregions’

We want to promote bioregionalism via Hylo, and that does beget the yearning to map bioregions. That has prompted this writing…

I put together a LettuceMeet availabilities calendar here.
Unless someone has another idea, let’s use that to find a time to meet. Please spread the word to other folks who might be interested.
@TomWatson @JeffPiestrak @tibetsprague @clarepolitano

Thanks Ned, I added my availability. I encourage other GOATfolk who are curious about hylo and it potential value to join us!

Two groups who emerged out of the GOAT 2022 gathering, Mapping the GOATscape and Visualizing the Networks, have recently joined up to use hylo as our collaborative workspace. I’m hoping we can use some of the new hylo features developed for OpenTEAM for some of our work, potentially including integration with SurveyStack and Common Profiles generated from that…

Just filled out my availability!

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I just added my times as well. Looking forward to connecting! I don’t seem to be getting any notifications from this forum so please loop me into whatever gets scheduled via email at clare@terran.io. Thanks!

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Just a heads up all, @clarepolitano just posted a nice article and slide deck on Medium telling hylo’s “story of stewardship”, including specific support for regenerative agriculture:

Co-evolving technology and a culture of stewardship: Our plans for Hylo

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Can we reset the Lettuce? We missed the time windows on it :frowning:

Hi Tom/all,
Ned and I are exploring ways we might be more planned and purposeful in how we structure this conversation, while also being as flexible and inclusive as we can. One thought is to reach out and directly invite GOATfolks (including OpenTEAMers) who are already using hylo, and structure this as a semi-formal feedback session.

Do you, @clarepolitano, or @tibetsprague have some thoughts about that? We might encourage folks to read Clare’s recent post to help set the stage…

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