Lightning talks for GOAT 2022

Yah, and 2-5 minutes isn’t very long!

Imma do a quick talk about the Open Food Network too! :unicorn:

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Lightning Talks

Took some notes I figured I’d share. Sorry Laurie and Elizabth I wasn’t quite warmed up yet for your talks!

Laurie Wayne

  • sanding the ceiling

Elizabeth Vaughn (Community Alliance for Family Farming)

  • 2023 small farm innovation challenge, deadline Nov 1
  • small farms respond to data sovereignty

Jeff Piestrak

  • Prosocial: transdisciplinary socialtechnology
    • Atkins, David Sloan Wilson, Hayes
  • can be useful in addressing “tragedy of the commons”
  • ARC process?
  • hylo

Marcus Estes (Chroma Signet)

  • track-and-trace (barcode)
  • using the data to make knowledge graphs
  • NFT’s: inviting people into a data coop
  • DAO’s in practice

Kyle Laird

  • driverless farm vehicles
  • grew up on farm, but studied CS
    • robot people talk about the goal point, zig-zagging is ok
    • farmers need to go in a straight line
  • data collection vs hardware for doing actual farming

Laurie Wayne (OFN)

  • 10th b-day in Oct (first commit)
  • values-based

Aaron Kingsbury (U of Maine?)

  • Potential for Open Ag Tech in Northern Mountainous Region of Vietnam
  • small scale vs intensive industrial farming
  • many ethnically diverse people, many languages
  • higher elevation, the higher the poverty level

Shreya Agarwal (Digital Green)

  • farmer-to-farmer extension videos
  • lots of data, but farmers weren’t really aware of it or able to access
  • FarmStack
    • decent datahub
    • farmer data wallet
    • p2p data connectors
  • Q: what incentives are there right now?
  • Q: is now the right time?

Rohan Clarke (Regen Farmers Mutual, AU)

  • Regen Farmers Mutual
  • experience w/ coops, mutuals
  • how to create value from environmental assets?
    • farmers aren’t ready to do that with data yet
    • what is the environmental asset?
  • digital twin (ag data wallet)
  • aggregating farmer value, give farmers more flexibility and capacity to farm more effectively and sustainably

Tica Lubin (Regen Network, US)

  • Brazil, Cambodia
  • creating additional income beyond the farm product
  • credits on blockchain
  • understanding what data is collected
  • find ways to sell credits
  • finding other incentives beyond carbon

Ned Horning (Regen Network, US)

  • DeSci (Decentralized Science)
  • postdocs finding new ways to do science
  • outside traditional publish-or-perish model
  • FAIR data principles
  • Ecosystem Regeneration
    • looking for people who want to form community around the science

Shefali Mehta (Open Rivers)

  • podcast: Open Rivers Navigator
    • Season 3 on AgTech
  • Decision-making
    • Why hasn’t open source moved more in the last 20 years?
    • What decision makers (eg, USDA, gov’t) wants vs what communities (eg, GOAT) want are at odds
    • decision makers don’t know what community knows
    • decision fatigue
  • Incentives
    • no clear incentives for gov’t
    • climate work driven by fear and not making things worse (not a great motivator)
  • Governance
    • can one person just shut it all down?
  • Problem: decision-makers don’t know what it means when we say “We need to invest in data”

Matthue (lookinto)

  • getting info to consumers via story-telling
  • info comes directly from data-validation entities
  • NFT’s as a way for consumers to engage
    • all producer-generated
    • folk-art, etc
  • Working now with hub farms working w/ OpenTEAM projects
  • can be a storytelling component of your project

Ankita Raturi (Purdue axilab)

  • axilab (Agricultural Informatics Lab)
  • HCI x Agriculture
  • Design (tech) to accomondate human needs (farm stakeholders), capabilities, etc
  • design, modeling, engineering, community
    • what are the mental models people are already carrying around?
    • can that be put into code?
  • working w/ communities of practice, supportively not disruptively
  • Northeast Cover Crop Council
  • Informatics for Community Food Resilience
  • teaching, working w/ students
    • talk to students here at GOAT, get them interested in what you do
  • Team Days (ie, days 4 & 5)
    • axilab team is available to help as methods consultants, extra hands, etc