Lightning talks!

Yep, lightning talks. You know what they are - very short (2 - 5m) talks about whatever you want. Post your ideas here, get feedback, and we’ll throw you up on the program.

Do it now so you have time to be prepared!

I would be happy to do a lightning talk on farmOS - quick intro, what/why/how, and where we’re headed with it!

I’d also be game to talk about Local Orbit in a similar fashion to Mike.

Likewise, I’d be happy to do a lightning talk on Atlas of Biological Work.

I’m going to do one entitled “universal basic income, wealthy relatives, and supportive spouses: redefining acceptable strategies for open tech development”.

should be interesting :slight_smile:

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  • Democratising access to GIS data (and how that could/should impact Agriculture)?
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Those all sound great!

I’m still trying to figure out what do offer. Maybe something off topic like “Why carbon fee and dividend is our best hope to save the world.” or “What is Cohousing any why you should care.” Or something on topic like “Analysing sensor data with R” or “What is Node-RED?”