Mapping Personas & Use Cases

Certifcation for Gov’t, Insurance & Supply Chain, Part 1

Initial questions

What are our personas?

What do they need from OpenTEAM?

Gov’t, Supply Chain and Insurance have completely different concerns for certification

you can certify that:

  • you’re using land appropriately (ie, that your land can produce what you’re hoping it will)
  • you’re following a certain set of practices

Is there even demand for certain product certifications? (maybe not as much as we assume)

There is a demand for certs of GHG reductions, sustainability

What’s the difference between verification and certification?

Supply chain demands

Sustainability Credentials

  • GHG emissions
  • Regen
  • Sustainable ag
  • Organic
  • Water stewardship
  • Biodiversity
  • Social indicators (labor, food safety)
  • Pesticides


  • Supply chain representatives want credentials for GHG reductions
  • Come to Cool Farm Alliance to provide those credentials
  • CFA goes to orgs for supplemental data
    • LandPKS
    • other sources
  • Ask farmers to enter their data
  • … this outline kinda fell apart as we went along, see photo below instead

Mapping the User Journey

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At our OpenTEAM community network meeting at Tri-Societies yesterday we highlighted the importance to include these representative pathways as part of the selection criteria for the first round of OpenTEAM hubs/training accelerators. Is we launch the next round of curated Kumu maps we should be able to describe the core scenarios/user pathways and express them as an interactive map. I look forward to the next stage.

Awesome! Yea, hopefully we get more of these potential workflows documented, and as things proceed, see those workflows eventually in practice.