Mapping the demand for scientific tools

Hi GOAT community!

My name is Andre and I’ve been working for a number of years with Open Source Hardware for research and education, I’m an active member at the GOSH community (gathering for Open Science Hardware). I’m currently doing a fellowship with Mozilla and FreiesWissen working on issues around open science. I wonder if I could ask you to spread the below 5 minute anonymous survey about the state of research/laboratory equipment in labs amongst your networks:


All results from the survey will be made available online once the project is completed.

Project’s landing page:

In short, I’m interested in pushing open science by building low-cost but high-performance scientific equipment using an Open Hardware paradigm. As part of this effort I am being hosted at Prof. Baden’s laboratory at the University of Sussex, UK, where we have been building open science equipment and teaching others to do the same together with an NGO named Trend in Africa. We are now trying to build a global understanding of current research-tool needs that are not yet being met by competitive open hardware alternatives. The survey sets out to address this. Basically, it asks which research tools scientists would particularly use if there were ultra-low-cost DIY solutions out there. Once we know what these are, we would then aim to build them.

Many thanks!

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