National Science Foundation Open Source Ecosystem Funding Opp

I came across this last year but dropped the ball. But it’s back again this year! NSF is coming around to funding open* stuff, and this opportunity might be applicable to GOAT.

The program aims to support “new managing organizations to catalyze distributed, community-driven development and growth of new open source ecosystems.” I know GOAT has been around for a little while, but there’s some things in the RFA that make me think it might be worth checking with the program officers at NSF to see if it still applies.

It is a two-phase program, similar in some ways to the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program that has funded some of my work. Phase I is for fact-finding, scoping, and planning, with a $300k budget. Phase II is for “establishment and expansion” activities, with a $1.5 million budget.

I’m not looking to get involved in a huge way; just wanted to throw it out there!


Been meaning to respond, but this looks great! I think @sudokita mentioned this in a community call a month or two back?