New Report: Farmer-Centric Data Governance - Towards A New Paradigm

Haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but this new report will like be of interest to several folks here: Farmer-Centric Data Governance: Towards A New Paradigm – Development Gateway: an IREX Venture – Data and digital solutions for international development.

Farmer-Centric Data Governance: Towards A New Paradigm

“The Report, six Deep Dives, and nine Case Studies provide user-centric approaches to data governance that places farmers and their communities at the center of data gathering initiatives and aims to reduce the negative effects of centralized power. The findings are based on literature, interviews, and workshops, to gather the experiences of change-makers and aims to:
• Raise awareness around the current political economy of agricultural data and its implications;
• Identify user-centric data governance models and mechanisms, particularly in LMICs;
• Demonstrate the purpose, value, benefits, and challenges of these models for all stakeholders; and
• Identify appropriate and relevant actionable principles, recommendations, and considerations related to user-centric data governance in the agriculture sector for the donor community.”