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Mars Benzle


We have a researcher her at Michigan State Michael O’Rourke who works on holding workshops for groups trying to do collaborative interdisciplinary work. Here is a description of his work from their website:

The Toolbox Dialogue Initiative provides a philosophical yet practical enhancement to cross-disciplinary, collaborative science. This enhancement comes primarily in the form of a dialogue-based “Toolbox workshop”, and it is intended for interdisciplinary and interprofessional teams of collaborators. Rooted in philosophical analysis, Toolbox workshops enable cross-disciplinary collaborators to engage in a structured dialogue about their research assumptions. This yields both self-awareness and mutual understanding, supplying cross-disciplinary research (CDR) collaborators with the robust foundation needed for effective collaborative research and practice. who studies inter and transdiciplinary practice and research.

I contacted him about the problem on interoperability that the open source ag folks face and he mentioned they have worked with groups in the past with similar problems. I think there could be a good webinar on how other groups have dealt with interoperabilty and could help in creating GOAT’s draft of interoperability standards. I was going to speak with him on Tuesday about what tools they could offer and if it works out we could organize it. I will post the notes from our discussion here. I do not understand the technical issues with interoperability so if someone could speak with me before hand that would be helpful. Please contact me here, on the riot channel, or email me at

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