NIFA Open Data Framework RFA

Not sure if this is already on the radar of OpenTEAM or GOAT folk, but this NIFA funding opportunity looks interesting and relevant:

They’re looking “to create a neutral and secure data repository and cooperative where producers, universities and nonprofit entities can store and share data in ways that will foster agricultural innovation and will support technological progress, production efficiencies, and environmental stewardship”.

Drawing on my own digital repository background and current field work, I’m particularly interested in a project focused on temperate agroforestry systems. And the role open and cooperative data repositories can play in supporting equitable and sustainable development of this emerging sector. That might include support for regional farmer networks using tools like farmOS and the aggregator (GitHub - farmOS/farmOS-aggregator: An application for aggregating data from multiple farmOS instances.)…


Would you like me to add this topic to Wednesday’s community call?

Not sure I’ll be able to join the call Juliet. Pretty busy with a new ag services business. Happy to explore asynchronously, unless/until there’s serious interest from others…