Notes from session on access

Access Issues in Agriculture

They run educational programs on government ag programs. Have issues with connecting to people in different cultural backgrounds & socioeconomic positions as well as technological access in rural areas.

Gwyn -Language & cultural barrier between engineers and users. Intensives in between farmers and technicians don’t necessarily match.

peter fromsoil carbon coalition-Engineers need to be able to listen to users to solicit participation.

land, markets, fiances are important
Having access to people developing tech is important, developers need direct aces to user communities.
Having touchpont people is important. Bring devs to farms so they better understand the context, vice versa for farmers.
Farmers have vary seasonal time availability. Winter meetings might work better for farmers. Make events financially accessible. Dinner gatherings on farms with developers would be a great way to open up communication.

Who are we leaving out?

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