October 2nd OpenTEAM field day at Wolfe's Neck Center

OpenTEAM had a successful field day on Oct 2nd with nearly a hundred invited special guests. Thank you to all the fantastic speakers who were able to join in person and online! It was amazing to participate and see our work together be so well received.

The afternoon field station presenters included Jeff Herrick (LandPKS), Dan Kane (Quick Carbon), Greg Austic (OurSci), Nell Campbell (UNH EOS), David Hollinger and Erin Lane (USDA Climate Hub), Alena Warren (NH Soil Health Partnership), Mike Stenta (FarmOS), Steve Hagen (Dagen), Mark Easter (Comet Farm- remote), Daniella Malin (Cool Farm Tool- remote).

The morning’s speakers were well covered by press, and we can use this topic to post pictures and links to articles from the day. To start, here is a link to comments made during the morning session - with comments from David Herring, Gary Hershberg, US Representative Chellie Pingree, Senator Angus King, Lakisha Odum and myself.


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