Open Hardware Makers program

Hi everyone,

We want to invite you to a community consultation on the curriculum of our open hardware mentorship program, “Open Hardware Makers”.

Open Hardware Makers is a 15-week, online mentorship program organized by @amchagas, @alex and @jarancio (Not all here, but all in the GOSH forum). It aims to support new hardware projects in their way of acquiring best practices, building welcoming and inclusive communities and connecting to existing networks.

After running a pilot cohort in 2020, we managed to get some support from Mozilla Foundation for a consultation process in order to improve the curriculum.

The consultation process is structured as follows:

  1. Community consultation (10-27th July): we are officially asking for feedback on our curriculum from different open hardware communities
  2. Experts consultation: the organizers will incorporate community’s input and work on it with a diverse committee of experts (10-24th August)

After this, the organizers will produce a final reviewed version of the curriculum and publish it in September. It will be openly available for anyone to fork, and we’ll have it translated into different languages.

We will review the curriculum in this document. You can make comments in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German or French. Deadline for comments is 27th July.

To launch the community consultation, we invite you to a short call next Friday 10th at 3pm UTC introducing what we’ll do and making ourselves available for any questions.

If you are interested, please sign up using this link or send me a message here, with your email info. Later this week we will send out the link to the online room we will be using.

If you’re not able to join don’t worry, we will also make the recording available in our YouTube channel. If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask here, or directly to


The call for applications for the first cohort of the Open Hardware Makers program is now open!

If you would like to learn and implement best practices on Open Source Hardware for your current project, this is for you.

OHM is a mentorship program for open source hardware projects and their developers. In it, you will learn the best practices in open hardware that will prepare you to build a reusable, inclusive and sustainable project. All projects that participate in OHM are expected to publish their documentation, hardware and software under open licences.

The program runs over 16 weeks (from March 14th 2022 to July 1st 2022). Accepted participants will work through the curriculum supported by a dedicated mentor, while engaging with the wider OHM community (experts, fellow participants, other mentors and organisers). We expect mentees to dedicate ~5 hours per week to successfully go through the program and apply their learnings to their projects. More details about the program and the role of menteescan be found here.


  • You lead or are part of a team working on an open source hardware project with information already publicly available, on any online platform.
  • Your open hardware project can be aimed to any field/community, considering our community guidelines

Important dates:

  • Application opens on January 24th and close on Feb 21th 2022
  • Program starts on March 14th 2022 and ends on July 1st 2022

Application link:

If you have any questions about the application process, please write to OHM at