Open source storm water management

@donblair @chrowe @dornawcox Check this out…

I wonder if there is some crossover here, seems like it’s worth having a discussion and seeing what common resources are being used.

I met Branko at my kids preschool :slight_smile: ahhh small world!

Its a small world.

Can open storm water be controlled and Chanel with the creation a canal like this?

Ha! I don’t know, maybe Branko or Brandon from the open-storm project will respond here… I certainly don’t have the tools for that!

Anything is possible. Looks like some beavers may have gotten started without us – could make for some good future partners.

Hi everyone, please I need the chemical composition of rain water. Am working on something (the diffence between the impact of rain water and the normal water on the soil in relation to plant growth). Thanks.

@ymi perhaps this can help get you started
Rainwater as a Chemical Agent of Geologic Processes A Review (1962)

Recently completed instrumenting a control structure in south east Michigan


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@bpwong, thanks a lot for d paper, I really appreciate.