OpenTEAM Work Packages

Hi folks,

Thank you for your enthusiasm and engagement during the work package activity and your patience in the time since we finished up at the OpenTEAM meeting in Denver!


I haven’t put in the contact people for all because I wasn’t sure who wants to be the contact person. I’ve put my info in as an example. I’ve compiled a list of contributors to the content that resulted in this document, please add yourself or others that are missing :slight_smile:

Contact For information on: Team
@sudokita Agricultural Informatics Lab @ Purdue, includes work with: OATS (OADA, IsoBlue), USDA Cover Crop Decision Support Tools, and the Plant Data Service @julietnpn
@craig @3wordchant @plawrence Cool Farm Alliance, Cool Farm Tool
Mark Easter Comet Farm
@ircwaves Dagan (formerly, Applied Geosolutions), DNDC
@mstenta farmOS, Field Kit, Aggregator @jgaehring @paul121
@jaycen Nori
@gbathree Our Sci
Dan Kane Quick Carbon
Jeff Herrick LandPKS
@ziamehrabi LiteFarm
@Christian_Regen @willszal @swidnikk @aaronc @Gregory Regen Network
@maria.bowman Soil Health Partnership
@rexraimond Meridian Institute

How to use this page?

I’ve divided up all of the work packages back into the functional groups that we had on the board in Denver. The raw images are available in this shared folder. Let me know if you want edit access.

Here is a template Work Package code snippet for you to use if you’d like to add new work packages (I know there were lots more that didn’t make it up to the wall!):

- Work Package
	- **HCD needs:** including process and community partners
	- **Next steps:** low hanging fruit or obvious places to start
	- **Teams:** _Lead_, Other OpenTEAM partners

I’ve converted this post into a wiki so that you can add detail where it’s missing (e.g., leads, partners, needs, etc). I’ll be updating this page in the next few days still but wanted to throw it up so that you can start playing with it :slight_smile:

Next Steps

Take the work package that you’re a lead on insert a link to where the work is happening. For example: start a forum topic based on it so that you can track what’s going on, or link to a github repo where the work is located. Whatever works best for your group!

Functional Group: Process

Understanding user needs

  • Stakeholder mapping, including: users in existing networks of openTEAM members
  • Socialize potential tech solutions with farmer networks & ag researcher teams
  • Comparing ag research data flow pipelines

Governance & Growing the network

  • Design openTEAM governance structure, including: learning + how we learn, decision making, data privacy
  • Contribute to facilitate openTEAM connections with potential partners
  • Convene a mini-accelerator with developers and enablers

User Interfaces

  • Shared UI component framework, e.g., planting dates chart

    • HCD needs:
    • Next steps:
    • Teams: openTEAM front-end people
  • Internationalization

    • HCD needs: developing user communities for translation
    • Next steps: languages, interfaces?
    • Teams: openTEAM

Security & Crypto

  • OAuth Scopes & Consent UI: higher level permission cross sections, user interfaces for allowing access, defining common scopes between platforms

    • HCD needs: What common data access scopes (and granularity) are necessary? how is it presented to the user (farmer)? Others?
    • Next steps:
    • Teams: openTEAM front-end people
  • Cryptographic audit spec

    • HCD needs:
    • Next steps:
    • Teams: Regen Network, Others

Functional Group: Field Data Collection

  • Retrieving DSM data in-field, standardization of filtering

    • HCD needs:
    • Next steps: understand existing APIs, integrate similar process into Our Sci/Quick Carbon app
    • Teams: Quick Carbon, LandPKS, OpenLandMap, OutSci
  • Enable use of Our Sci to collect data for Cool Farm Tool assessment

    • HCD needs: user demand for mobile app, usability comparison between existing apps
    • Next steps: review existing Our Sci surveys
    • Teams: Cool Farm Tool, Our Sci
  • Automated tractor data collection

    • HCD needs: work with FarmOS partners and hub farms to field test the integration
    • Next steps: Map and prototype isoblue-oada-farmos integration
    • Teams: Ag Informatics Lab, FarmOS
  • Use LandPKS data as soil information for Cool Farm Tool assessment

    • HCD needs:
    • Next steps: Compare LandPKS and Cool Farm Tool soil data variables
    • Teams: Lead, Others
  • Understanding livestock management

    • HCD needs:
    • Next steps:
    • Teams: Lead, Others
  • Make Our Sci data cryptographically signable

    • HCD needs: Cacao project use cases for field agent verification tool?
    • Next steps:
    • Teams: Regen Network, Our Sci
  • Evaluate intersection of field manager agronomy protocol needs and possible app solutions

    • HCD needs:
    • Next steps:
    • Teams: Soil Health Partnership, Others
  • Use Cool Farm Tool to import template for SHP data collection

    • HCD needs:
    • Next steps: SHF assess Cool Farm Tool import template
    • Teams: Lead, Others

Functional Group: Modeling

  • Calculating GHG results for FarmOS

    • HCD needs: Figuring out use case for displaying GHG results
    • Next steps: analyze farmOS stored data against Cool Farm Tool model requirements
    • Teams: Cool Farm Tool, FarmOS
  • Evaluate soil health partnership data requirements to use Comet Farm and Cool Farm Tool overlap with data

    • HCD needs:
    • Next steps:
    • Teams: Lead, Others
  • Soil Carbon quantification methodology.

    • HCD needs:
    • Next steps:
    • Teams: Lead, Others
  • Connecting environmental data to crop models or resilience models

    • HCD needs: APSIM and similar crop model managers, farmers (what’s relevant to them?), researchers focused on resilience, hydro modelers.
    • Next steps:
    • Teams: Lead, Others
  • Translate Comet-Farm API inputs and examples into formats that can be put into the openTEAM/Comet-Farm github environment

    • HCD needs:
    • Next steps:
    • Teams: Comet-Farm, Others

Functional Group: Geo-spatial

  • Retrieval/processing of GIS/remote sensing data

    • HCD needs:
    • Next steps: figure out what’s available: open land map, geokit, google earth engine, other spatial datasets, api documentation
    • Teams: Lead, Others
  • Evaluate soil health partnership data intersection or possible tools for trial layout

    • HCD needs:
    • Next steps:
    • Teams: Lead, Others
  • Extend coverage of algorithmic verification/estimation of land management history globally

    • HCD needs:
    • Next steps:
    • Teams: Regen, Others
  • Remote sensing verification of cover cropping. Validate a remote sensing algorithm that verifies practices

    • HCD needs:
    • Next steps:
    • Teams: Regen, FarmOS, Dagan, Plant Data Service
  • Collaborate on soil sampling and model training for soil organic carbon prediction

    • HCD needs:
    • Next steps: Geolocate and generate/calibrate soc estimation algorithms using initial dataset
    • Teams: Cool Farm Tool, Regen

Functional Group: Decision Support Tools

Cover Crops

  • Push cover crop recommendations and management practice information to crop planning tools

    • HCD needs: test crop planning process with hub farms
    • Next steps: Identify interface requirements (between tools as well as for hub farms)
    • Teams: _Ag Informatics Lab, Others
  • Push cover crop recommendations and management practice information to modeling tools to enable farmer what-if scenarios

    • HCD needs: UX testing with hub farms
    • Next steps: Identify interface requirements (between tools as well as for hub farms)
    • Teams: _Ag Informatics Lab, Cool Farm Tool, Comet Farm

Organic Certification

  • Using farm management tools for organic certification
    • HCD needs: Mapping workflow & artifacts to check the model (as represented by, for e.g., FarmOS data) for compliance with the organic standard
    • Next steps:
    • Teams: Ag Informatics Lab, LiteFarm, FarmOS, OurSci

Functional Group: Marketplaces

Ecosystem Service Markets

  • Massage data from first Nori pilot into 10 Cool Farm Tool runs to get results

    • HCD needs:
    • Next steps:
    • Teams: Nori, Others
  • Generate Nori CRCs using Cool Farm Tool Data

    • HCD needs: Is the amount of data required by Cool Farm Tool reasonable for growers? Is the method robust enough for CRCs?
    • Next steps: Map Cool Farm Tool data to Nori protocol.
    • Teams: Cool Farm Tool, Nori
  • Biodiversity credits related to protocols and data fed by Cool Farm Tool

    • HCD needs: Is there a corporate partner of Cool Farm Tool that would be interested in piloting?
    • Next steps: Cool Farm Tool data -> regen network -> biodiversity credits
    • Teams: Regen Network, Cool Farm Tool
  • What drives behavioral change in farmers & ranchers

    • HCD needs: Work with farmers/ranchers, purchasers of credits, enabler organizations, regulators, financiers, earth.
    • Next steps:
      • Research into current state of ecosystem service markets? What’s true now? What’s likely to be true soon? what is being asked of us to make this really work?
      • Map stakeholders of ecosystem service marketplaces. Research into all stakeholders in the eocsystem service markets? what drives them? what problems do they have? what’s stopping this from taking off? What motivates people to participate? What are specific needs/problems that could be solved via ecosystem service credit? What’s blocking them from saying yes?
    • Teams: Regen Network, University Partners
  • v1 of ecosystem service credits related to farm impact

    • HCD needs: community of boulder and their contracted farmers
    • Next steps:
      • Non fungible token with data related to a protocol for some claim, which points at remote and farmer inputed data on a ledger, and is transferable.
      • LandPKS will use their app to collect farmer inputed data, Regen Network is able to query LandPKS data and remote sensed data.
    • Teams: Regen Network, LandPKS, ???

Functional Group: Utilities

Plant Data

  • Map and build out observation tool needs for plant data.

    • HCD needs: Work with farmers and ranchers (users of tools, non-users, potential users) for data verification including plant property identification, data source identification, and data quality assessment.
    • Next steps: Serve up cover crop data to farmOS
    • Teams: Ag Informatics Lab, LiteFarm, FarmOS, LandPKS, OurSci
  • Map and build out modeling tool needs for plant data.

    • HCD needs: Work with model-users [specify?] for data verification including plant property identification, data source identification, and data quality assessment.
    • Next steps:
    • Teams: Ag Informatics Lab, Cool Farm Tool, Quick Carbon, Comet-Farm
  • Use Plant Data Service to improve Cool Farm Tool crop reference data

    • HCD needs: Assess most out-dated/unreliable Cool Farm Tool data
    • Next steps: Map existing Plant Data Service fields to Cool Farm Tool
    • Teams: Cool Farm Tool, Plant Data Service

Ecological Data Interoperability

  • Shared data ontologies, conversions between ontologies, finding overlap between existing data models
    • HCD needs: Developers?
    • Next steps: Research existing models + overlap, categorize ecological data types
    • Teams: Regen Network, OATS, ???

Decentralized Identity

  • Authentication among platforms for data exchange, regen network SDK, key management
    • HCD needs: User experience design [keybase as an example of user explanation]
    • Next steps:
    • Teams: Lead, Others

Packages & Protocols for common tasks

  • Image recognition for pests &
  • Protocols for offline capabilities
  • Voice, sms, text based interfaces
  • Encourage Farmers to test decision support tools

Hi Kita! I’d like to connect with you when you have a moment this week to discuss the colab event I’m hosting this Thursday @ 9am pacific — thank you!

Hey @sudokita—just trying to go in and add other folks to teams:

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Hey regen’ers - going to try to make it (me or will or manuel)… from our end we’re excited to figure out JS-based signing technical options + implementation!

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Heya! I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it to the colab event today but would encourage you to post info for folks to join both here and on the RIOT channel :slight_smile: Let me know if you need any assistance!

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Thanks @sudokita! We had a good session and most, including @dornawcox oriented to the tool well. We spent some time sorting work package priorities along the two decision matrices for network and development partners

I will follow up and discuss what next steps look like soon.