OpenTEAM year two brainstorm - post ideas here!

Hi all, just following up after Tuesday’s tech call. I’ll at mention a few people there @dornawcox @Gregory @mark.easter @meghanmize @mstenta @sudokita @clevinson @plawrence @lpuro @ldemmel.

PS this is wiki editable, feel free to improve my intro here :slight_smile:

What to do

  • Post things you want to work on in year 2 OpenTEAM. Think of things that:
    • lots of dev’s would like to have / use
    • lots of users (farms, supply chains) would like to have / use
    • helps share data and/or resources in a productive way (1 + 1 = 3 type thing)
  • Respond / Like things posted by other
    • help build interest around the best shared work

I’ll post my thoughts as a starting point - please share yours too!

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Research Farm Roadmap 2021 ideas!

How we generated this list

  • Went to partners individually, asked what they wanted to see
  • Created cross cutting ideas + features based on feedback from our individual use cases

Push / Pull Ecological Data from farms

After discussion with Point Blue, they have an immense amount of ecological data across the US from fish/wildlife service and about birds - it would be great to know + have available across the community standard data collection method from them (these questions, this method, etc.) so we can use that as a standard offering for farms who want to monitor ecological data.

Potential Partners

  • Point Blue -
    • Can we create a set of norms to push data to you from farms?
    • If a farm wants to collect standard ecological data, what’s that standard form look like?

Dashboard Tool Development

We are create a dashboard to visualize data from SurveyStack or other API sources. We imagine it basically as a web-based location to code arbitrary dashboards in common languages (R, Javascript, Python, etc.). Something like a shared Jupyter-Hub instance, or maybe R-Server type thing.

Potential Partners

  • Point Blue - they also are creating a shiney or related dashboard for analysis - also looking for low-effort onboarding to access their database.

Digital Coffee Shops

We’re already working on this in some other grants, many active partners. The concept is described here:, but the basic idea is creating a space (a ‘digital coffee shop’) for farmers to share semi-anonymized information in small groups to see practices from similar farmers. This kind of transparency w/ intent would allow better strategic decisions on farms, identify who’s doing well / not doing well, etc.

  • Allowing farmers to actively share with each other
  • Operationalize that data - that means modules in farmOS - certifications, etc. etc.

JS Utility Voice to Text based on fixed set of answers

better communication of data in the field. Makes real-time data input possible, improves data fidelity and quality, reduces survey fatigue.

Potential partners

JS Utility - data --> arbitrary PDF --> data

input / output tool to handle arbitrary PDFs.

  • input / output arbitrary PDFs
  • allows users to define the areas within the PDF where data should go, which data
  • allows users to define areas within the pdf where data should be pulled from, which data

This addresses the following applications.

  • Certifications (especially organic, but also GAPP and others)
  • Interactions w/ soil testing labs (upload pdf --> machine data)
  • Generating PDF forms from SurveyStack

Potential partners

  • farmOS (GAPP, Organic certification)
  • Point Blue (paper survey --> electronic)