PhD Research: Digital extension and sustainable agriculture

Dear All,
My name is Eliot Jones. I am a PhD researcher at the University of Nottingham School of Computer Science looking at farmOS in the context of digital extension and sustainable agriculture. Having investigated the platform and interviewed Mike and his colleagues, I would now like to reach out to users to learn about their experience using the tool and how it has shaped their farming practices.

Mike has invited me to introduce the research on the upcoming farmOS call, however, as an idea of what I need, participation in the study involves a video call of around one hour and, if possible, a virtual farm tour. I am able to travel and visit anyone who might be local to the UK or western Europe if that is preferred. In return, I can offer a $25 Amazon gift voucher or the equivalent.

Please message or email me at for any further questions. In any case, I will explain in greater detail on the 9th of November.

All help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks and best wishes,