Podcast on Farmer/Rancher Building Open Source AgTech Software

Hi! I I’m new here…

I have a weekly podcast about ag innovation. This year I’m looking to cover some stories of open source agtech software. Ideally, something along the lines of a farmer/rancher who is leading the creation of an open source technology that is solving a real problem for others like you/them.

Any suggestions for leads? It was suggested for me to tag @dornawcox @mstenta on here as well!

My ideal format is to interview both the creator of the software and another producer that is benefitting from it and/or contributing to its evolution.

Thanks for any suggestions you could provide!


Hi @timhammerich, welcome to GOAT!

I’d be happy to talk about the development of farmOS (https://farmOS.org), and I can ask a few producers I know who are using it if they are interested in joining. If you want to set something up you can DM me here or on Twitter (@getFarmier).

I would also suggest talking to @dornawcox @gbathree @ROSAgriculture @sudokita @aultac - there are a bunch of folks doing really cool stuff in this space right now! Those are just some on this forum. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Just sent you a DM via Twitter.

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Actually, I can think of 3 people:

Aaron Ault - @aultac
Carl Lippert - @carllippert
and actually the founder of several open source startups as well, I can think of the folks at Ekyelibre from france who you could contact -

I’ll try to post more as I think of them -


Like most I’m basically a net consumer of open source at the moment! But i want to give a shoutout to @timhammerich in case you aren’t familiar with him. He’s a great community builder and communicator and the goatech community should definetly do what they can to help him find some exciting guests!


Thanks so much, Carl! So glad to have found this group.

Thank you. I’m excited to interview @mstenta towards the end of the month, and welcome others. Carl and I have been talking about doing an episode together for years so I’m still committed to making that happen.

@aultac - would love to connect on this!

I’ll also check out Ekyelibre to see if I can get in contact.

Thanks for all of these suggestions.

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Gonna throw one more in here:

Oli Madgett (just talked to them on the phone) from Platfarm. Owns a vineyard and also software developer, great folks. Should be joining the forum soon and can reply on this thread if he wants to connect.

Excellent. Thanks!