Project Director/Executive Director - Open Food Network USA

You know when you hear about people who adopt a stray puppy and then the puppy turns out to be a fancy purebred that saves people from burning buildings and once they give it a bath it is really beautiful and it becomes their best friend for life and helps them connect with their purpose and stuff?

If you’re amazing at growing Open Source organizations and all that entails, or you think you could and that puppy story feels like something that fits into your own life story, you might check out this job description. Not that OFN is a dirty stray puppy by any means - it’s an established 501c3 supporting a really long lived platform with hundreds of users and a little money in the bank, but it has a lot of unrealized potential. Please share with just the right people - you know who they are!


This is an amazing opportunity, thanks for sharing Laurie! OFN seems like it could hold an important branch of the open ag tech tree with a little (maybe more than a little :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) effort.

Yah, it’s a mature platform with a global presence that would really benefit from getting more attention and funding than it gets in the US but in so many ways it’s thisssssssss close to solving lots of problems. :slight_smile: Thanks @gbathree for the boost.