Q: How to download CSV of "My Submissions" sent

As a new Grower Partner in RFC, i’ve just submitted my first “Real Food” data to SurveyStack.io, and- tho i can see each of those records in the “My Submissions” :sent list, in both mobile (i.e. the Bionutrient app for Android) and desktop (i.e. web browser) views- i can neither view the data by clicking on it (if i click, i get a prompt asking if i’m sure i want to edit the record -which i don’t!), nor can i see any way to download data for processing offline.

Doing a little trawl of this GOAT forum, i did find a “Download My Data” link on this static page that features a pretty nifty Data Dashboard, so i guess CSV download must be possible; indeed i was able to “Download All Data” from there. But this feature does not provide access to data in my user account, apparently.

SO: If anyone here knows how i can access that data i’ve uploaded to SurveyStack.io (raw CSV is fine; am not expecting any fancy data-viz affordances at this point), it would be nice if you could share the HowTo here.


Hi Walt,

You’re correct that you can download all data, but you won’t be able to see just your data from that csv. The reason we do this is to provide privacy for users. We want the data to be accessible to everyone while hiding user specific information.

I have admin access to that survey so I can download a csv of just your data. I just need the email address you used to create your surveystack account. Feel free to email it to me at emily@our-sci.net


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