Question about device

Hi There, and Greetings from Ireland. I have been trying to carry out testing but when the device connects to my phone it cannot take a reading as it says the battery charge is 0%. This is despite the fact that it has been charged for over 48 hours. My device number is 01:DD. Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Leslie Dwyer.

Hi. Sounds like the battery might have got knocked out of place during shipping. It occurs on a really hard drop which we experienced here last month in the lab as well for the first time… We’ve been gluing them in on the last few to address it.

Not sure the best way to fix that without disassembling… would you be ok if we sent you a new one and you can return that?

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Yeah, that will work! Thanks!!

Ok - we’ll have one ready by end of week to ship, apologies for the issues you’re having.