Question Set for government IDs (EIN, ABN, etc.) (?)

HI all - we are working on many Farm Onboarding Forms with various groups and sharing a common set of onboarding questions.

It has come up that Government IDs are often needed in these forms… like:

  • EIN Employer Identification Number in the US
  • PIC Property Identification Code in Australia
  • ABN Australian Business Number in Australia
  • … many others

My question is For your project where you are onboarding many farms into a project / process / database / ecosystem service / etc… …

  • Do you collect this information now?
  • Do you need it (but you don’t collect it in a form)?
  • Is it useful?
  • If yes ot any… which ones (and in which countries?)

I’m asking because we could create a question set which asks the relevant IDs for the relevant nations so we don’t have to do this a bunch of times.

Hoping for feedback (or forwarding to others) from @dornawcox @mstenta @DanT @kanedan29 @Gregory @azazdeaz @Steve-TechMatters @clevinson @ircwaves @sudokita @OctavioDuarte @plawrence @victoriacox

In the US, the Open Food Network collects what we call “business identifiers” that are shown on invoices. In some other countries like France this is required on every invoice, but for us it’s really just informational and we don’t store it except as enterprise settings (like, we don’t report on it to any governments or anything - and most transactions don’t require invoices). We tried to rename it for the US platform so that people don’t put their social security number there (some do, not good). The only real compliance stuff we do is sales tax for user reporting, I think, and even that is pretty loose in that it’s not like we currently file it with any franchise tax boards or anything - everything else is self-reported/self regulated. If it would be helpful I can ask in this question in the OFN global community forum. Example of settings below - definitely open to changing the terminology of that top field - the platform default is “ABN”.

Hope that helps?

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@gbathree Unfortunately, we haven’t come across any specifics yet internationally that would be helpful to you. In our limited experience in the USA, DUNS number may also be requisite for some government programs (good lobbying by them??). We’ll keep our eyes open.

Thank you appreciate it! I’ll share here if we do end creating a generalized solution so other folks can see it also…

Yes that’s super helpful - could we ask on the OFN Global Forum?

hey @gbathree sure, I will post the question in the instance managers channel and let you know what comes back,

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