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Hello, I am making some measurement with the Bionutrient meter, I uploaded a new form in our Scikit, and the results in each wavelength are in what units? What is SPAD? I just want to measure polyphenol, antioxidants and minerals in a leaf. How can I do it ?

Hi Dave! Thank you for reaching out, and my sincere apologies for the delay on this response.

The results for each wavelength is just a relative measurement on a scale of 0-10,000. This is based on the range calibration that you run before conducting measurements, which sets empty / non-reflective space to 0, and your calibration standard / most reflective material to 10,000.

SPAD results also do not have units. This is a ratio between two device LEDs (the 650 nm and 940 nm) that allows for an estimation of chlorophyll content adjusted for the thickness of the sample. This measurement is a measurement of “greenness” comparable to NDVI.

With your version of the Bionutrient Meter, you will not be able to do a direct quality comparison of samples. Our newer version of this device will allow you to complete surveys with pre-made models for a select set of crops in order to generate an estimate for nutrient density.

I will follow up with you over direct message shortly to get a sense of your specific use case.