Reorganize conference/event subcategories under Community Building?

TL;DR: Can we make the Community Building category the parent of Open Ag Technology and all the other subcategories it currently contains, like GOAT 2022 Conference and Western North American GOAT ?

I just got a little confused with the update to the forum that added the sidebar, even though I think it’s a great feature and huge improvement, because I couldn’t find the Community Building category the way we currently have it organized. Right now it’s a subcategory of the Open Ag Technology category, which is at the top, but tbh, that category has never made much sense to me since the whole forum could presumably be stuffed in that category (I assume this is a relic of when the forum started and there were no other categories to group the GOAT 2018 category). I actually see a pretty good theme emerging from the subcategories in Open Ag Technology currently, which seems to encapsulate “Community Building” in its own right, although it could be argued to represent “Events”. Maybe “Gatherings” captures both those sentiments? Fittingly, it’s the one word we left out of the name, haha.

We could just rename Open Ag Technology, but since we’ve started putting our monthly community calls in Community Building, along with some other more recent virtual events etc, we could preserve which topics are already grouped together there by just inverting the parent/child relationship between them (I’m fairly sure that’s possible w/o breaking anything, but it does merit further investigation before changing anything). There are other ways to slice it, and I’m certainly all ears to other suggestions, but that seems the most straightforward way. I could go either way on whether to make Open Ag Technology a subcategory of Community Building or just leave it as a top-level category w/o any subcategories. Looking at the other main categories, there’s also a strong argument for a “Partnerships” parent category for several, imo, but it’s probably best to scope this decision to these categories at the moment, since that’s where the overwhelming majority of our topics reside.

Thoughts? Opinions? Alternatives?

We can chat at the next call, too, but figured I throw it out there.